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Having Me As Your Extra Team Member

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential with Expert Coaching and Facilitation from Another Techie.

Are you struggling with the performance your team or are they doing ok at the moment but you need to elevate their performance to new heights?

If so you've landed in the right place.

As a coach dedicated to technical teams with years of industry experience, I'm here to help you guide your team towards unprecedented success.

  • Expertise That Makes a Difference: With a robust background in technology and hands-on experience, I have the expertise needed to understand the complex challenges your team faces and turn them into opportunities for growth and innovation.

  • Customised Coaching Strategy: Every team is unique, which is why I tailor my coaching approach to fit the specific needs of your team—ensuring that each member receives targeted guidance that resonates with their individual skill sets and learning styles.

  • Result-Oriented Methods: My coaching techniques are designed not just to impart knowledge but also to deliver tangible improvements in performance. Expect measurable outcomes in productivity, problem-solving skills, and project execution

  • Communication Excellence: As a coach who prides myself on effective communication, I will ensure that your team not only understands complex concepts but can also apply them seamlessly within their projects.

  • Continuous Support & Mentorship: I believe in building long-term relationships with the teams I work with, providing ongoing support and mentorship that extends beyond initial training sessions. Investing in my coaching services means putting faith in someone committed to bringing out the best in your technical staff.

Let's partner together to create a dynamic, skilled team ready to tackle future technological challenges head-on. Embark on this transformative journey today — because when your technical team thrives, so does your business!

So What?


organisations with a strong coaching culture have been reported to bring in 51% higher revenue.

of employees in those organisations consider themselves to be highly engaged.

of teams performed better after coaching (ok I made this one up but it is my experience)

Why Me?

Are you and your team struggling? Is it time to change that narrative!

With technical career spanning over two decades, my expertise isn't just theoretical; I've lead entire teams to success.

I'm a technical leader with more than 20 years in the trenches, who has not only walked the walk but run the marathon—alongside teams just like yours. I've collected wisdom like souvenirs—from t-shirts to hats—I’ve got the full leadership wardrobe.

Now, imagine what it would be like having a coach who's worn your boots and has supported loads of technical victory. And there’s still more! As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) qualified coach, consider me your black belt holder in navigating team dynamics and scaling tech mountains.

My coaching toolbox is brimming with top-tier methods, battle-hardened strategies, and results that... well, i'll let you read my reviews so they can take the spotlight themselves.

But here’s the kicker—I'm all about bringing fun into the mix! Who ever said that professional team growth had to be dull as dishwater? Certainly not me. I infuse each session with joy (and yes, a dash of potty humor) because when we're laughing together, we're learning exponentially.

If you're ready — look no further. Hit that button below and let's turn those ambitious goals into shared achievements. Your ascent begins today!

Let's Get Started?


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What People Who Work With Me Say

What happens when you need help, but know that it is hard to find a trusted partner with the magical mix of technical expertise, IT experience, leadership skills and most importantly humanity? That’s when you turn to Liz.

I cannot recommend Liz enough for her resilience, courage, professionalism and problem solving. Truly a joy to work with, with a history of changing so many people’s perspectives and lives


Kevin Antao

CIO - Amnesty International

I have had the pleasure of working with Liz over the last few months. Following a promotion at work involving an expanded team and new responsibilities, I was looking for some guidance, advice and a sounding board in setting off on the right foot and stepping away from the day to day. Liz made a real difference from our first session providing focus on what is important and where to put my energy. It has been a real pleasure to work with Liz and would recommend to anyone looking for a coach to help them take things to the next level.


Leigh Milton

Enterprise Architect - Stonegate Group

I very much enjoyed my time working with Liz. I always found her to be very supportive and approachable. Liz is very professionally knowledgeable, provides clear direction and it always comes across how much she cares about people. Liz is very passionate about what she does and focused on delivering change. I would happily work with Liz again.


Carol Whitehouse

Associate Director of Projects - University of East London

Liz was invaluable in helping our IT Leadership Team realise their strengths at a time when the organisation I was in needed more from IT than could be delivered. She brought a fresh and impartial perspective to our ways of working. Liz coached all the managers in our department simultaneously, allowing us all to apply our learnings and try out new ideas in a supportive environment. For myself, she helped me to recognise my experience as a leader and the value I was bringing to the team, and acted as an encouraging soundboard for the changes I was trying to make.


Amy Bellamy

Director of Technology Consultancy - TPXimpact

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