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What Working With Me Can Do For You

Coach isn't just for senior executives or big multi-national companies. It's for people like you. 1-2-1 leadership coaching is a personalised experience designed to help you develop your leadership skills and reach your full potential. Here are some of the key areas 1-2-1 coaching with which I could help you, but 1-2-1 coaching packages are bespoke to your specific needs and goals as a leader.

  • Personal and professional development: Coaching can help you identify and achieve your personal and professional goals, leading to increased self-awareness, confidence, and effectiveness in their role.

  • Goal setting: Coaching helps you set and achieve specific, measurable, and actionable goals, which leads to greater focus and productivity.

  • Time management: Coaching can provide you with the tools and strategies they need to effectively manage their time, which leads to increased efficiency and the ability to prioritise and complete important tasks.

  • Decision making: Coaching can help you develop your decision-making skills, leading to more effective and strategic decisions.

  • Improved communication: Coaching can help you improve your communication skills, which leads to more effective interactions with team members, colleagues, and stakeholders.

  • Increased self-awareness: Coaching helps you to become more self-aware, which allows you to understand how they interact with others and how they are perceived by others, which can lead to more effective relationships.

  • Provides leadership development: Coaching provides you with the tools, skills and support to lead more effectively and reach your full potential.

Some Interesting Numbers

90% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process.

Source: (ICF Global Coaching Client Study)

86% of companies that calculated return on investment said that they at least made back their initial investment. The median ROI is 7x the investment.

Source: (2009 ICF Global Coaching Study)

Coaching clients report over 70% improvement in key leadership areas thanks to coaching.

Source: (2009 ICF Global Coaching Study)

A third of all Fortune 500 companies utilise coaching as a standard leadership development activity for their elite executives and talented up-and-comers.

Source : The Hay Group

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Why Me?

Ever felt like you're climbing a tech mountain without a sherpa? Fear not! With over two decades of scaling technical peaks and planting flags of success, I'm the seasoned guide you've been searching for.

I've over 20 years experience as a technical leader, I've not just walked the walk—I’ve run the marathon. I've got the t-shirt, the hat, actually I've got the whole outfit. Imagine having a coach who's been in your shoes and supported over 100 technical leaders just like you.

But wait, there's more! I'm International Coaching Federation (ICF) qualified—which is like having a black belt in coaching. It means my methods are top-notch, my strategies are tried-and-tested, and my results are... well, let's just say they speak for themselves.

But just as importantly I'm fun to work with :-). Who said professional growth had to be all graphs and no laughs? Not me! My coaching style is infused with joy (and a bit of a potty mouth) because I believe when we're having fun, we're learn more.

So if you're ready to catapult your career with expertise that entertains while it educates, you know who to call. Let's make those goals happen and all you have to do is click the button below.

What People Who Work With Me Say

What happens when you need help, but know that it is hard to find a trusted partner with the magical mix of technical expertise, IT experience, leadership skills and most importantly humanity? That’s when you turn to Liz.

I cannot recommend Liz enough for her resilience, courage, professionalism and problem solving. Truly a joy to work with, with a history of changing so many people’s perspectives and lives


Kevin Antao

CIO - Amnesty International

I have had the pleasure of working with Liz over the last few months. Following a promotion at work involving an expanded team and new responsibilities, I was looking for some guidance, advice and a sounding board in setting off on the right foot and stepping away from the day to day. Liz made a real difference from our first session providing focus on what is important and where to put my energy. It has been a real pleasure to work with Liz and would recommend to anyone looking for a coach to help them take things to the next level.


Leigh Milton

Enterprise Architect - Stonegate Group

I very much enjoyed my time working with Liz. I always found her to be very supportive and approachable. Liz is very professionally knowledgeable, provides clear direction and it always comes across how much she cares about people. Liz is very passionate about what she does and focused on delivering change. I would happily work with Liz again.


Carol Whitehouse

Associate Director of Projects - University of East London

Liz was invaluable in helping our IT Leadership Team realise their strengths at a time when the organisation I was in needed more from IT than could be delivered. She brought a fresh and impartial perspective to our ways of working. Liz coached all the managers in our department simultaneously, allowing us all to apply our learnings and try out new ideas in a supportive environment. For myself, she helped me to recognise my experience as a leader and the value I was bringing to the team, and acted as an encouraging soundboard for the changes I was trying to make.


Amy Bellamy

Director of Technology Consultancy - TPXimpact

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